Halloween and Autumn Pumpkin Juice

Halloween and Autumn Pumpkin Juice

Halloween Halloween Halloween Pumpkin Juice Pumpkin Juice

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! We seem to celebrate all month long with watching scary movies, making Halloween costumes, my husband has said that October is also our “prank month” where we play pranks on each other and we do basically everything we can Halloween! This year unfortunately has been extremely busy for us and we didn’t get to do too many of our normal traditions. I have desperately been wanting to try a bunch of experiments with pumpkins and using raw pumpkins in recipes but I think I will have to save that for a later time. After all autumn in general is full of pumpkins so I haven’t lost hope just yet. Anyway, we have been meaning to carve pumpkins all month but finally got around to it today (Halloween) It turned out pretty messy but our daughter had a blast so it was worth it!

I was also extremely excited to try pumpkin juice. At first I juiced just the pumpkin but decided it was pretty plain and needed something else. So here is a quick recipe for some yummy “autumn juice” with pumpkin.


Autumn Pumpkin Juice
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  1. 1/4 Small pumpkin cut in thin pieces to fit into your juicer (skin removed)
  2. 1 pear
  3. 2 pomegranates (Seeds Only)
  1. Juice in your juicing machine.
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Happy Halloween!!


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